Things to Know about us

• Black Slip Resistant Shoes

       recommended brand TredSafe at Walmart

• Black Pants (slacks or cargo style)

       NO black jeans or yoga pants

2 forms of ID

        At time of Interview

We will provide shirts and hats/visor on first day of work

We Look Forward To Working With You!

We are a family-owned and operated small business that has 2 locations in Webb City & Joplin.  We believe our success comes from keeping our quality of ingredients, great customer service, and fast pace service the same since the day we opened.  

What You Will Need

• Company Matched IRA Plans

​      (3%)

• Health Insurance

      (1/2 Paid)

• Flexible Scheduling

      (2 weeks notice required)

• Advancement Opportunities

• More Than 40 hour Work Weeks Available 

      (must work at both locations)

• Frequent Raises Based on Performance


Webb City & Joplin


Take a look at some benefits that we offer